When we speak of Anna Kendrick a 31 years born in Portland and currently residence in Los Angeles actress and a singer a lot rings in our minds, that’s why the spot light has decided to focus light to her.

Anna Kendrick first appeared on spot light in 1998 to present this tell us how creative she is to stay in the industry for that long. Anna Kendrick have featured in several movies and played different characters in the movies this is from her first movies The Camp to the recent Table.

Not forgetting The Twilight.You may call this going nuts but I call it creativity. Anna Kendrick have just decided to do something different from the line of her career. Anna Kendrick has decided to celebrate this Christmas in a special way ever this was noted by her Instagram post of her baked cookies.

Anna Kendrick baked cookies in form of Gingerbread men, stars and trees galore. This to some people is like going nut while Anna Kendrick is just trying to be creative and enjoy Christmas in styles. Despite being a celebrity and one of the people that the public focus on Anna does not take being stardom serious as she takes life as usual this makes her different from other celebrities.

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