How do you Pronounce That Anyway? Anna Kendrick

Most people cannot deny that Anna Kendrick is the epitome of cool. So when it was announced six days ago that Anna would be one of the presenter’s at the Golden Globes, hilarity would ensue. And it did, only difference was Anna ended up the butt of her own mispronunciation.

But, can anyone blame her? Anna Kendrick is known for sweet-heart witty humor, so most would be able to relate to how she muddled, Caitriona Balfe’s name. Which is simple to pronounce as “Kathrina Balf”. Instead Anna went for more of the hilarious approach and pronounced it as it is spelled, “Cait-rion-a” “Ba-lf-e”.

Well, it seems that Caitriona Balfe didn’t mind, as 31 year old Anna couldn’t understand why everyone was laughing.

Who knew that Anna is such a comedian, but everyone still loves her. Recently Anna has uploaded snippets of her audio-book “Scrappy little nobody”, which is worth a listen. It is available on her twitter account, along with some images. Her book promises to be as funny, dark and witty and what we have come to expect from the Table 19 hit actress.

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